How it works

Laser Penetration of 660nm


The Laser Beams have an active penetration depth of 13mm.

Adipocyte Fat Cells


Adipocyte cells at rest.


Laser energy from “STRAWBERRY” irradiates the adipocyte cells.

Adipocyte Fat Cells After Treatment


Pores are formed on the adipocyte cells allowing them to spill out


Water, Glycerol and Free Fatty Acids move out into interstitial space.

Adipocyte Fat Cells After Laser Treatment


More water (blue), Free Fatty Acids (green) and Glycerol (purple) spill out.


Adipocyte cells significantly reduce in size while the blood vessel stays unaffected.

The Science of Strawberry Laser Lipo ®


Filled Adipose Cell

The remarkable images demonstrate the low-level laser’s ability to emulsify adipose tissue. The pictures highlight the collapse of the rigid adipose cell, and secretion of triglycerides and fatty acid from the cell. An outcome by Strawberry Laser Lipo®


Liberated Fatty Debris

Strawberry Laser Lipo® forms a transitory pore within the protective membrane of adipocytes. Stored lipids and fatty material traverse the membrane via the transitory pore entering the interstitial space where the lymphatic system is readily capable of removing the fatty debris.


Emptied & Collapsed Adipose Cells

The formation of the transitory pore enables Strawberry Laser Lipo® to bypass a key fat catabolism step by photochemically liberating the fatty material.


Untreated Adipocyte

Strawberry Laser Lipo® contours the waist, hips and thighs and other body areas with no side effects, pain, bruising or surgery and you see results in weeks not months with an average reduction of over 4 inches in just two weeks.